Experience God Curriculum

Developing relationships is a key component to a child's learning and growth. Mother Goose Time has created an all inclusive preschool curriculum called Experience God. Experience God uses singing, games, art, and stories to share God's love and desire to have a personal relationship with each child. This research based curriculum utilizes transformative themes to support the domains of math, language, science, social studies, creative, physical, and socio-emotional growth. The Experience God Curriculum intertwines two to three domains in every activity to activate excited learners. Through this curriculum children gain experiences and skills that foster meaningful relationships with God and others.

The Reggio Emilia Way

Children are naturally curious about the world they live in. The Reggio Emilia approach enables each child to discover their environment independently. By providing a comfortable, welcoming,and stimulating classroom environment teachers shape eager explorers. The Reggio Emilia Way allows the teachers, the parents, and classrooms to become collaborators in the learning process.There are three main components to Reggio Emilia Approach: Space/Environment, Educators/Families, and Observation/Documentation.


Feeling welcome, safe, loved and free to explore is the experience Young Hearts Academy creates for our students. Our educators have the freedom to reinvent their classroom space at any time to include elements like music, art,science or physical play, depending on the needs and desires of the students. The Reggio Emilia approach allows the environment to be the third teacher. An open space with windows allowing natural sunlight to shine through, various learning centers equipped with tools to investigate their world, bulletin boards decorated with children-directed work, imagination and curiosity filling the air as students work on their hands-on projects.This is the unique learning environment that Reggio Emilia inspired learning provides.


Young Hearts Academy educators are dedicated teachers that create a fun, exploratory learning atmosphere for our students. Our educators meet all the state qualifications as early childhood teachers and understand the importance of growth through continual professional development. Our parents and their involvement in the school are an essential part of their child’s learning, especially since they’re the second teacher. Establishing long lasting partnerships with each individual family and sharing the same educational goals create a win-win for the students. At Young Hearts Academy the parents, educators, and students are equal shareholders in the learning process.


There are many intriguing components to the Reggio Emilia curriculum. The classroom environment is often viewed as the third teacher, coupled with the learner, parents and teachers. Documentation is a sound way to communicate and display how each one is supporting and shaping the inquisition and interest of the child. Our goal is to show the learner's progress over time, allow families to experience the work of the learner, and give teachers the opportunity to reflect and hypothesize where the learner's work may go next to foster critical thinking. The use of photos in this process provides a concise look at every child's exciting journey in reaching milestones in every learning domain.

Member of:

   The North American Reggio Emilia Alliance


   National Association for the Education of Young Children